Butterfly staxx 2


Butterfly staxx 2, the original mobile slot machines that came with the land based casinos are often referred to as “poker machines.” A lot of people are familiar with the names such as “Maze” and “roller slots.” Of all of these, though, none is quite as fun to play as the original, and that is because the only differences between the slots that we play now are the color and the music. Both the original slot machines and today’s “machines” offer exactly the same game: pay up, spin the reels, and get your money back. So which is better?

If you are playing on the internet, “machines” may be the way to go. On the surface, the “machines” look almost identical to the original machines by virtue of the fact that the reels move in pretty much the same way. The only real difference between the Butterfly Staxx 2 Video slot machines and the original slots is the color: the newer machines use blue and pink colors (reversed in red and yellow), while the older versions used black and white. Even the shape of the reels is different: the newer versions feature round, V-shaped reels, while the older versions (including the old “Revenge of the Mami” video slot machine) features rectangular, square, or triangular reels.

As far as the actual game of the slots goes, this one follows the same basic rules of the original “poker” game. What makes the game more exciting, though, is the fact that it uses free spinning reels instead of the regular, two, three, or five reels that are found on the traditional machines. Instead of using these free spinning reels, though, the video slot game uses what’s called “reel strategy” to turn up the odds in its favor. This means that you have to think like a professional casino dealer if you want to win the game. Basically, Butterfly Staxx 2 offers you free spins on its five reels and then gives you a choice of casino currency for each spin.

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